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(Frequently Asked Questions)
What is a Pay Per Click (PayPerClick or PPC) search engine?

A Pay Per Click Search Engine is just that, you pay only for the click throughs (visitors) to your site.

How do I list my website with 1second.com?

It's easy! After you Sign up for an account just Log In . Deposit as little as $10 into your account and begin bidding on keywords. All major credit cards are accepted.

How do I bid on keywords?

After you have signed up and made your deposit, click on "Manage Listings" then "Add Listing" just fill in the information then submit!

I am currently biding 1 cent per click. If I want to raise that to 2 or more cents per click, how do I go about doing that from my log in page?

You can change all bids in your control panel. Just click on Manage Listings than Edit Listings than click Go. Mark the listings you want to edit and click Edit Checked Listings. This will bring you to the form where you can make changes to any listing of your choice. After changes are made click "Save Changes".

How many keywords can I bid on?

As many as you would like. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can bid on.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal, or you may use VISA or MC to purchase from 2Checkout.com. 2Checkout.com, is an authorized retailer of Now Intermedia Inc., the owner of 1second.com. All transactions are 100% secure (SSL).

For those who prefer not to use online credit card ordering, you have a few options:

Print and fax this order form with your credit card number and signature to: 208-247-2312

Checks and Money Orders made in US$ are accepted as well. For check payments please print this order form and mail it to:

Now Intermedia Inc
PO Box 420856
Summerland Key, FL 33042

When my site will show up online?

Within minutes your site will be online and receive highly targeted traffic starting from one cent per visitor ( half a cent after we double you initial deposit! ). It's all processed online in real time. (The 100% initial deposit match is added within 24 hours).

Here are the details:

We are a bid-for-placement (PayPerClick) search engine. You bid a certain number of cents you are willing to pay to have people come to your site. The more you pay, the higher your chosen keywords appear in our search. The best part is that you only pay for traffic you receive... there are no other fees!

Select the keywords you wish to place your site under. For example, if you run a site that sells gifts, you might choose the keywords "rare gifts" or "gifts" as well as any other related keyword you may choose.

Create a description of your site for the keywords you chose.

What happens if my competitor just keeps clicking my listing over and over?

Anti-cheat protection is in place and multiple clicks are not counted. It involves over 30 algorithms including IP addresses and use of cookies.

Our Protection System utilizes sophisticated software to analyze all clicks that pass through our system and determine whether they fit a pattern of fraudulent activity intended to artificially drive up the costs of an advertiser. Our proprietary Protection System automatically distinguishes between clicks generated by normal user usage and clicks generated by click spammers and automated robots. As a result, we are able to filter out clicks that are detrimental to advertisers and the advertisers are not charged for the fraudulent clicks. Our Protection System uses search and click data to make based inferences and pattern recognition rules that help us determine the validity of each click.

You will only be charged for traffic you receive. If you are paying 1 cent per click and receive 8 unique clicks, your account will be debited 8 cents. If a visitor clicks on your entry multiple times in the same day, you will only be charged once.

You are only charged for unique clicks and never overcharged.

When you are listing your keywords, is it $10 for each word listed, i.e., home business, work from home?

Listing your site under a keyword of your choice stars at 0.01 which is 1 cent (not $10). After Bonus added they are half a cent. When you deposit $10 to your account we'll double it so you will have $20 in bidding cash available. When a customer clicks on your listing, the amount you have chosen when setting up your keyword campaign, will be deducted from you account's bidding cash balance. It's up to you how much you want to bid for any particular keyword. You will find it all after you register for free and login to your control panel. There is a tool called: "Search Bids". It will show you how much the current bids are for any particular keyword. Knowing this you can decide how much you want to bid to be #1 or #2 etc.. Bidding start from 0.01 (1 cent). For example: if you add a keyword: home business for 1 cent your site will appear online lower than other listings with bids 2 or 3 cents. It's like an auction. The more you bid the higher in the search results your listing will appear. It will still appear online if you only bid 0.01 (1 cent), but it will appear lower if there are other customers bidding more for this particular keyword. Registration is free. You set up you bids before you add money to your account. Only after you add money, your campaigns will automatically apper online. There is no risk whatsoever to check out the system. Click on all links and become accustomed to it - it's free. Only after you are accustomed to it, you can add funds to your account, your listings will automatically appear online within seconds for all the keywords you have chosen.

 Make sure to check our current special offers. Those deals often present a remarkable value - up to $100 free.

Do you accept adult sites?

No adult sites or adults links are accepted in our index.

I would like to know if you can use your hits for more than one site or do you have to open up another account for each site?

You can promote as many sites (URL's) as you wish from one single account. Simply, in your Account Manager click on: "Add Listing" and enter the data for the new URL.

I would like to be able to see how many hits there are on my keywords before I sign up, and what is currently bid on those keywords. Do you provide tools for this?

You can register for free and log in to your Control Panel. There is a Keyword Tool which will show you how many hits there are on any keywords, and what are current bids on those keywords.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no other fees. All money you deposit (100%) go towards your advertising campaign.

Also see our About Us and Beginners Guide

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