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123 Go Global
Free web site for webmasters and designers.
Alpha Point
Alpha Point
we are offering FREE WEB SPACE for the purposes of publishing fiction or non-fiction pages. We are seeking continuity pages (ongoing works-in-progress, so to speak -- examples are up at the site) that take advantage of the Web as a new medium, especially if they exploit the interactive element of the medium. No advertisements for your own sites or products, please; they will be rejected. Alpha Point just wants to produce creative material.
AngelFire Inc.
Free Web Sites for everyone.
BayScenes Non-Profit Page
DataRealm Internet Services
DataRealm Web Services (USA)
Free to non-profit organisations
1MB space
The Express Page
The Express Page
Free home pages for business or personal use. Page generator means you don't have to know how to write HTML.
Free Town
free homepage with instant web page creator form.
Provides free websites to some organizations in the genealogy field. We will continually consider adding additional free sites for the following topics: Genealogy, History, Investors (in our Internet Service Provider), and unique references to backwoods living, inventors, references to, Scottish and/or English connection.
Free up to 1 MB.
The Gnomes Guest House
Offers a free web page (including creation) to non-profit organizations.
Gulfcoast On-Line Development
Gulfcoast On-Line Development, Inc.
offers free Web pages to non-profit organizations, schools and churches.
Grand Rapids Freenet
Grand Rapids FreeNet (USA)
Homepages for the HomeLess
Homepages for the HomeLess
One page, graphics
Internet Rockhouse Home Page
Internet Rockhouse
Free home page for musicians

Free professional Web hosting without banner ads! With ASP, PHP, CGI, MySQL, SSH, SSL...


Note: Free advanced Web hosting without banners is free if you register a new domain (; net...) or transfer your existing domain into their domain registrar only. Maxipoint looking for freelance hosting sales affiliates, too.
one page up to 70kb .
http to Naples FreeNet
Naples FreeNet
http to NCF
National Capital Freenet (Canada)
Free one homepage up to 200kb.
Nikos.COM (Italy)
Free web space for non-profit Italian organizations.
Up to 200K free
Nonprofit Outreach Network, Inc.
Nonprofit Outreach Network, Inc.
We create free web pages and/or provide web space for nonprofit organizations.
Nyx (USA)
Gives a Unix shell account (100K), but can cost to prove your identity as you must get a form notarised
Offering free web pages *and* an internet hot list.
Prairienet (Illiniois, USA)
Free webspace but only if you live in Illinois...
Schlund + Partner GmbH
Schlund + Partner GmbH (Germany)
Free homepages for German users. Max 1MB capacity, no trade, no sex. Free FTP-Access or update via e-mail.
a site designed for high school and college students, is offering free homepages (up to 1 meg worth of space) to students around the world.
Symmetrix, Switzerland
Instructions in English and German
the Tardis
The Tardis (UK)
Only if you can get a current Tardis user to sponsor you
TerraTel AB (Sweden)
Offers 30 pages to schools and non-profit organisations in Sweden
Create a page using their form or write your own HTML
Video On Line
Vive Web Connections (Canada)
FREE space to most non-profit organizations, schools and community centres
WebCentre FreeWeb
WebCentre FreeWeb
100K of server space is yours for the asking..
Content of this space can be:Of a Commercial Nature
The reason WebCentre is only offering Commercial space, is because, many Internet Providers are making space available to their uses for personal pages. Therefore, we decided that since no one was offering FREE commercial space, (unless you are a Non-Profit Organization) that we should do the small businesses of the world a small favor and make this generous offer!
Xoom is offering 11MB of free space.

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