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4 Elements Award
7 Wonders Award
12 Assorted Awards
Absolut Awards
Academus Awards Program
Ace Wholesale's Business Gold Award
Adrians Award
Advanced Web Design Award
AG&H Education Site Award
Agathe & Pixies Award
Alcazaren Award
Aloha Award
American A. of Webmasters Awards
American Awards
American Design Awards
Antique Collector Award
APC Web Development Award
A Perfect World Awards
Aqua Award
Artist's Choice Awards
Artsy Awards
Assess Risk Web Award
Astral Awards
Award Meritus
Award of Beauty
Award of Excellence
Award of Triumph
BAC Award
BaldwinzFreebiezz Awards
Bardi Web Awards
Beacon Awards
BearzWeb Award
Beehive Awards
Best Designs Web Design Award
Best New Award Site Award
Best of the Web Elite Awards
Beth's Award Program
BigEye Award Program
BIMA Awards
Biz Web Gold Site
BlackBassFishing Awards
blueSlayah Award
Blue Star-Awards
Blue Web'n Learning Site
BlueWorld Award
book-look Awards of Excellence
Brad[WRX]'s Excellence Award
BTDesign Awards
Business Resource Hot Site Award
BV.Lindenheuvel Award Program
Cabin in the Meadows Awards
Cactus Award
Canada Graphics Award
CanadaOne TopSite Award
Canadian Web Awards
Canonical Award for Website Excellence
Casey's Celtic Charm Award
Cats World Award
Celtic Castle Awards
Celtic Celebration Awards
Ceramicarte Award
Cerulean Award Program
Chandesign Award
Chaosred's Awards
Childnet Awards
Chilihouse Awards
Chrysallis Awards
Circus World Awards
Clix Award
CLL Website Award
Comedy Zone Cool Site Award
Cool Homepages Award
Cool Reality Award
Cool Site of the Day
Cool Site of the Nite
Coolstop Best of the Cool
CoolWebSite Award
Cowpie Awards
CPSnet Web Awards
Crazy Awards
CreatingOnline Golden Award
Critical Mass Award
Crystal Sea Awards Awards
Cyberman Awards
CyberZauber Award
D Award
D&N Vision Awards
DAGA Award Program
DandieStar Awards
Danie's Angel Awards
DCDisco Groovie Lava Lamp Award
Decal Factory Awards
Deco Website Awards
Deep Blue Web Design Award
Dee's Dreamworld Awards
Destinys Awards
Deluxe Web Award
DG Certified Award
DNA Award Program
Dos Leos Award
Dream Worker Award
DRH Design Award
Dusilla Award
Easy Choice Award
EduNET Choice Site Award
Ehrenamt Award
Eki's 5-Sterne Award
El Fabi Awards
Elite Award for Webmastering Excellence
Engelchen Award
Erratic Impact's Philosophy Awards
Excellence Award
Experts' Choice Int'l Design Awards
Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites
External Funds Compass Award
Eli's Award
Enlightened Pages Award
FANtastic Site Award
Fartown School Award of Excellence
Fireball Award
Flame of Nature Awards
Flash Kit Featured Site Award
FlashThat Awards Program Awards
FreeWorldGroup Webmaster Award
FT Superior Design Award
Future Antiquities Awards
Future UK Internet Awards
FWA One Award
GAC Web Award
Gadzillion Award
Gene & Linda G's
Global Aircraft Web Awards
Global Excellence Award
GNAE Awards Program
Gold Cup Best Site Award

Golden Pi Award
Golden Web Award

Golden Spider Awards
Golden Stamp Award
Gossamer Wings Awards
Grass Shack's NO KA OI AWARD
Great Yarmouth Radio Club Award
Groovy Site Award
Groundzero Design Award
Gulltaggen Award
Gunners' Award Program
Halls of Recognition
Helpful Hands Award
Hexymaus Award
HomeGrown Award of Excellence
Homepage Hall of Fame
Human Wisdom Awards
HX Awards
Hyperstar Awards
" I "
Idiom Sisters Award
Infinity Awards
Information Revolution Awards
Inside Hotwire 3D Award
Intention Awards
International Web Page Awards
Internet Excellence Award
Internet Secrets Awards
Internet Tips And Secrets Awards
Internetics Awards
IPPA Award for Design Excellence
ISMS Awards
Italian WebAwards
Japan Reference Award
JeM of the Net Awards
Jennifer's Pick of Elegance
JerryD's Online Award Program
Jetzone Awards
Jim Carrey Award
Julia's Award
Kahuna's Kreations Award
Keepsake Awards
Kindness Award
Koala's Awards
KoolKat Site Awards
Korea Awards
Korea Orchid Award Program
Kristall Award
Krista's Korner Awards
KWA Awards
Labora Award
Lady Wolf Award
Lady Freedom Fighter Award
Learning in Motion's
Learning Fountain Award
Le Fantóme's Award
Lil' Fingers Award
Lincs Links Award
Link Master Award
Link of the Day Award
Literary Award
Littau Harvester Award
Little Puppy's Awards
Lone Star Design Award
Lorri's Classic Site Award
LTS Grail Award
Lynx Awards
Macromedia Site of the Day
Maestro Awards
Market-Tek Design Award
Medals of Excellence
Mesweet's Awards
Metaluna Award
Michael's Award
Mind Your Own Business Award
MoGu Award
Ms-Analysis' Personality Awards
Monster Award
Myers Family History Awards
Mystic Stars Awards
Nachfalters Award Program
Naked Angel Ooh! Award
Nem5 Awards Program
Nodus Award
Nu-Horizons Design Studio Awards
Nursing Excellence Award
NurSpeak Pill Award
NWESS Website Award
Optical Resolution Awards
Orchid Award
Pantheon Awards
Parenting Site of the Month
PeaceWork Certified Sites
Pegasus Art Awards
Pepe's Webseitentest
Perm Heritage Award
Petal Of Life
Phenomenal Women Of The Web
Philippine Web Awards
Pikku-Ukon Award
Pirelli INTERNETional Award
PMP Golden Cone Awards
Poodle and Parrot Awards
Pot of Gold Award
Premio Napoli Awards Program
Press Release Network Award
Prospective Award
Quality Awards
Quartermaster Award of Excellence
Rainbow Award
Rajuna's Awards
RealMarket Design Award
Red Paw Award
Reptile From Hell Award
RetroTek Awards
RNWEA Awards
Rockanova Site Awards
Rose Awards
Ruth's Haven Award Program
S&S Awards
SAY Web Awards
Search Engine Excellence Web Award
Serena's Family Tree Awards
Seven Wonders Award
ShadowRealm Award
Simming Force Awards
Sinapsis Award
Site du Jour
Site of the Knight Award
Sites do Brasil Award
SpeedyAdverts Webmaster Award
Spider Food Award
Spirits Arts Award
Spiffy Entertainment Awards
Spylab Awards
Star Site Awards
StarGazer Awards
Sugar_31's Awards
Superb! Website Awards
Surfers Choice Internet Awards
Surflocal Web Excellence Awards
Surftip Award
Tannenbaum's 9th Dan Award
Talking Hands Award
Texas Precancel Club
TH Designs and Services
Tilly Award
Tim's Spider Award Program
Tips und Tricks Awards
Tompage Design Award
Too Cool School House of the Week
Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites
Top Bee Award
Treasures of the Web Awards
Triple Scoop Site Award
Trox Amazon Award
Ulla's Site Awards
Ultraweb Awards
Unsers Award
USA Today Hot Site
Uwe's Award
Val's Awards
Valkyrie's Award Program
Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award
Vigi's Award
Village Webby Award
Virtual Diamond Award
Virtual Rose Webdesign Award
Visions Awardprogram
Vision Site Design Award
WBM Awards
WDS Choice Awards
Web Award
Web Award Jury Awards
Webbie Awards
Webby Awards
Web Design Poet Award
Web Diamond Awards
Web Excellence Award
Web Knight Award
Webmaster Award
Webmaster Excellence Award
WebPerle Award
WebSite 101 A+ Award
Website Analyst Award
Webstar Awardprogramm Spider Award
WebVivekar Community Awards
WECP Crystal Award
Weis Awards
Wet Dreams Poetry Awards
Whispers Awards
White Site Award
Winners at the Web
Will's Award
Witheridge Awards Program
WM8C's Web Design Award
WNP Awards
Wohin Heute? Award
World Fairy Awards
World Wide Web Awards
WowWowWow Award
Xmas Stars Awards

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