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Accelerate your Website with GIF Wizard! Compress your graphics up to 90% with GIF Wizard! GIF Wizard will make your website download faster and keep visitors coming back for more. Use GIF Wizard to optimize GIFs and JPGs on existing new or existing websites. GIF Wizard is an online application and can be used with any web browser. Evaluate your website free of charge. Click here to start!

Web Hosting Stuff
a hosting directory site that currently lists and reviews 5,800+ web hosting plans.

Matt's script archive
The Bible in CGI Scripts is a unique FREE service that gives you the power to design and download professional-quality, animated banner ads quickly and easily. In seconds, you can create top-quality, optimized banner ads that are perfect for your favorite banner exchange, a paid advertising campaign, or anywhere else.

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detailed statistics on their site visitors. Completely free, AddFreeStats let webmasters consult in real-time all the statistics that will help them to rapidly increase their site frequentation.

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Add music to your site

MORE FREE STUFF free URL redirection - offers a free service that lets you choose a short, easy-to-remember "WebAlias" in place of your site's longer URL.

Website Abstraction - This is a very bookmark-able resource for various Webmaster freebies: JavaScript, graphics and Web tools. There's also a good Microsoft FrontPage tutorial.

CGI for Me - This site offers free CGI scripts for those who don't have CGI access from their server. CGI hosting also available if you'd like your own script hosted on CGI for Me's server. Scripts include Message Board, Random Link, Search Engine, Free-For-All Link Page, Clock, Date, Mailing List, Password Protection and more.

Button Dome `98 - Helpful Webmaster resource, offering plenty of freebies, including HTML help and graphics (bullets, buttons, letters and more). There's also several cool free JavaScripts, complete with instructions, including the "Image onMouseOver effect" and "Drop-down Menu with effects."

Web Site Garage - This is an essential free service for "tuning up" your Web site. There are various utilities that will check your site's performance in areas such as load time, spelling, dead links, site popularity, correct HTML design and more. There's also a useful "GIF Lube" feature that lets you shrink the size of your site's images, so they'll load quicker. - This site offers a roundup of free stuff for Webmasters. It offers info on site promotion, online tools, Web site development programs, counters & trackers, how to make money from your site and much more. - This site offers lots of free services for your Web page. For one thing, they offer a search engine that your visitors can use to search your site. (This is the only free local search engine we've seen). There's also guestbooks, Web forums, hit counters, E-mail forms and more. You don't need CGI-BIN access to implement these services. And hosts the services on their own server.

Link-Me Links Exchange Database - One of the best ways to promote your site is through reciprocal links. This resource is a good place to start. This site also lists over 500 "free-for-alls," which are basically bulletin boards that you can add your site.

StellarSite Web Designs - Do you need help getting your page up and going? Check with these guys: they're a group of nonprofit volunteers who provide free custom graphics and HTML design.

JL Designs - This company is offering free page design and graphics. Please tell them The Free Site sent you.

A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator - Writing HTML is so easy that a child could do it (many do). However, writing correct, accurate HTML is a tougher task that can challenge even seasoned Web authors. If you've built a Web page and want to make sure it's error-free, then click over to this free service. It will check your page and tell you if you've got errors and where they are.

Sample Graphics -- Animated Gifs
The Animation Factory - Free 3D animated gifs

Animation of Heaven Hell in 3-D!
Clip Animations
Ender Design: Realm Graphics Web Images
Graphics: Index
Graphics Links
Webweaver XXI : Free Stuff
~~~Free Backgrounds~~~
the Clipart Directory
The Calgary Explorer - Groovy Stuff
The Banner Generator
Other Cool Graphics Sites!

Tools used in Computer Animation
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
GIF Construction
Email Magic Product Information

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