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Products to sell on EBay and Amazon

Wholesale products for you to sell on EBay, Amazon, or your own website.

Exp: 03/15//18

Alkaline Water Ionizer Business Opportunity

Good Health is something everybody wants. Good Water is what Everyone needs to attain it.
Our Alkaline Water Ionizer is an Extraordinary product that Appeals to ALL, regardless of age,
nationality or gender. Because we all need Good water Daily.

Great for Your PETs, also. Because Antioxidant Alkaline water can Slow Aging, Reduce body Fat
and Eliminate free radicals. Clinical Study (testing hundreds of animals) also shows that it Reduces Joint
and Muscle stiffness and improves health for your pets.

Our Gold Standard Alkaline Water Ionizer is

1. Used by Bodybuilders and Famous Celebrities.

2. The ONLY Brand of alkaline ionizer that can be purchased with the Canada Medicard Financing Program.

3. The ONLY water ionizer on the market to be Awarded GOLD SEAL Certification by the international Water Quality Association.

Click on the link below to check it out.

The BIZ Opportunity comes free with your purchase.
NO-interest Monthly Payment Plans available.

Exp: 02/17//18


Endless Leads For Networkers, One Time Cost

Are you ready to generate endless leads that cost less than .03 cents! In today’s digital world,
you must be able to move at a rocket’s pace and get your message out quickly,
clearly and directly to your target audience.

You now have the ability to place out a well thought out voicemail to your potential customers without their phone ever ringing.

Yes, you can have endless leads at a one time cost.

Exp: 02/07/18

Free eBook "The Residual Income Manifesto"

For network marketers, home business marketers and mlm business owners...
100% free download:

How to recruit 2,4,6 new team members weekly by following a proven recruiting formula.

The secrets behind sponsoring 8,10,16 new high quality team members every single month like clockwork.

A proven step by step system for sponsoring and duplication to build a serious long term residual income.

Why many of the old school recruiting methods still taught by your up line are obsolete today and how your can harness the internet to grow teams worldwide.

How to create a mindset shift so you can finally start getting the results you desire, and …how you can apply this blueprint to any company you are in to help you achieve financial freedom.

100% free download:

Exp: 11/08/17

Stop, Look, & Listen for The Easiest Way To Earn Extra Money

 Work a few hours a day, to make some extra pay, it's simple and easy to do and it's the right program for you. Free membership, free website, free training.
Working with Joel Broughton who has been in the business for 12 years. Young or older, still working or retired - this is for you. or
access code - 679-609

Exp: 10/18/17

72hr Survival Kit

Life can take a number of unexpected turns and we dont want to be unprepared. 

Coupon code IS71948

Exp: 09/23/17


An online health store with over 10,000 of Todays hottest selling all natural and organic health products

Exp: 09/29/17

What I wish They had thought me in school

Today, I have a free online success training that shows you a unique story about 3 things that took someone from dead broke to vast amounts of wealth...
It's pretty cool, because the training he shows you all makes sense once you watch it.
Go and check it out and let me know what you think...

Exp: 06/03/17

I just got this email that I DOUBLED my residual income

"I just got this email that I DOUBLED my residual income with The Total Shortcut System! All I did was follow the Daily Action Checklist like David Wood teaches in the Acceleration Training, and I made a sale on Auto-Pilot! Whoever said making money online can't be automated while you create value for the market---they haven't seen this:"

Exp: 04/15/17

Cain't convert traffic to sales? Here is why...

Problem for most marketers with paid traffic is getting the darn thing to convert.
Not because their offer is bad.
Or the leads are bad (although often the leads ARE pretty bad!).
But because they don't know how to WARM UP the prospect towards their opportunity.

Exp: 04/18/17

No Bull Here, No Sir!

 It's True, There is No Bull Here, And...
This program can’t walk on water.
This program can’t stop wars.
This program can’t make politicians honest.
But it can darn sure solve your financial problems!

Click below for FREE review as long as you want.

Exp: 03/07/17

Earn Multiple Streams of income.

A Simple online system for multiple streams of Income.
Well Suited for newbies

Exp: 03/06/17

This is something every Network Marketer needs!!!

Are you ready to generate endless leads that cost less than .o3 cents!
In today’s digital world, you must be able to move at a rocket’s pace and get your message out quickly, clearly and directly to your target audience. You now have the ability to place out a well thought out voicemail to your potential customers without their phone ever ringing.

Exp: 03/06/17



Exp: 03/05/17

Need more cash in your life? 

Give this a try at

with referral ID # RW80352

Exp: 02/28/17

Do You Want a Mentor and Get In On The Ground Floor?

4-key points to succeeding in MLM.
1. Get In Early
2. Great Product
3. Great Payplan
4. Great Mentors
We're Ground Floor, Superfood Products, 25-yrs experience, 15-million in career earnings.
Call Mrs. Wagner

Exp: 02/24/17


Would you like to work for a legitimate company that pays you every Friday straight into your checking account? You can earn $200-$1000 per week or more.

Must be 18 years old and a USA or Canadian resident.
•No phone calls
•No travel required
•Must have internet access
Some computer experience required.

Join us today and you will get this awesome benefits!
•dental, vision and prescription discounts.
•Hotel and car rental discounts
•Emergency Towing services
•Emergency road service
If interested in learning how to make money from home email me. Or click on my link and you will be directed to our Free Website, put in your information and everything will be explained.

Thanks, Susie

Exp: 02/24/17


Tap or Click here
to learn How You could earn up to $36,351 or MORE per month, just by inviting 2 people (or LESS) into a $14.95 per month program.

Exp: sponsor

Executive Opportunity to Create Wealth 
Get where you are going Quicker!
Check us out. Visit Winston Churchill once said " We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give".
All these years I missed this, now I got it.
Check it out for yourself at

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Do you need $$ to start a project? Try Crowd Funding!

Do you or do you know anyone who needs money for any reason - for an important need - personal or for business?
This is not a loan and you do not have to pay it back.

Go to:

2) Enter the code: 42570
3) Watch the (3) videos to learn more details on how Community Sharing Crowd Funding works.

These (3) videos will answer your questions, so you will understand how the platform works and how you can fund your own project and start receiving donations for thousands of dollars and more.
4) Then, contact me right away. My name is Matthew and I am standing by to help you get started by enrolling you & your project immediately.
Exp: sponsor

Share a FREE Sports App and Earn!

United Games Marketing is launching an interactive fantasy sports app that will cover all of the major sports around the world.
The numbers of potential players is staggering.
Earn as players download a FREE app and play the game.
Revenue will come from players watching ads and purchasing tokens, the in game currency.
Too simple.
Go to for your invitation to enroll.

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See How This Silent Salesman Can Make You Over $36,000 Month


Welcome to the New Web 3.0 revolution!

Introducing ICANGet2 Mobile Marketing App
A Global Mobile Marketing and
Communication Tool for Your Business!
CEO and Founder - Michael T. Glaspie
You've heard of him, right?

Click The Link -

Go Click the link to learn how you can earn
up to $36,353 (or more) per month inviting just
2 people (or less) into a $14.95 per month program!

This will be HUGE! Join Us NOW!
Milton Brown

Click The Link -

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Simple Job System to Make $1000 to $1500 Per Week

Enjoy getting paid for working from the comfort of your own home or office.
Simply go to our website for more information.
You won't believe how easy it really is...

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Earn Money Online In 14 Days Flat

100% FREE Online training course shows you how.
I stumbled upon a program called 'Project Breakthrough'.
I was skeptical at first , but I followed the instructional videos.
I learned enough to set up a business,What would your life look like if you could replace your current income?
Click On The Link, check it out.

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To Men Who Want To Quit Work Someday

Are you tired of being sick and tired?

Working long hours and not enough quality time with the wife and kids.

Wouldn’'t you like to have more freedom?

How about being able to take a vacation when you want to and come back when you want too?

Click here to learn more…

Free Video Reveals All…

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$23.75/Hour Online!

Easy Work, Excellent Pay.
Work Flexible Hours.
No Experience Required.
Click Here To Apply Today.

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Earn Your First $100K Online in 6-12 Months

Do you want to find a No Hype, Non-MLM, Online business that teaches people the success secrets of millionaire entrepreneurs?
If you are ready to own your own business, love personal development, and want a way to to realistically earn a six figure income online in 6-12 months...

Visit us today @
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Mark up to $5,000 per sale

We are recruiting inside sales representatives to work virtually. We are a global leader in the $65 billion leadership development industry.

Our company is 12 years old and has been expanding globally. This is a great opportunity to join a dynamic team of like minded individuals in a warm friendly environment where you will be coach by industry leaders. You will be marketing/selling a range of online digital leadership development training products to a global customer base, converting inbound leads into sales.

Contact: Portia

(516) 673-7184

Exp: sponsor

Be your own Boss!

Are you looking for a career in Management, or Marketing, but have little experience?

We may be just what you are looking for. Be your own Boss!

earn $400-$600 wk to start. Free detailed training & coaching.

Investment of $400 and a vehicle is necessary.

Serious inquiries only: call 352-807-5411

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Need Leads? Get Red-Hot Leads in 24 Hours or Less!

This Is something that I have been looking for and now I have found it, don't make the same mistake I made GET IT Now. 

Click Here,

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Did you miss out on the Bitcoin boom? Don't miss out again!

Did you miss out on the Bitcoin boom? Don't miss out on the next possible Cryptocurrency boom.
Rimbit is an exciting new crypto currency similar to Bitcoin without the mining. Many people got in early on Bitcoin and made themselves massive returns in just a 3-year period.
People who got Bitcoins in 2009 to the tune of $20, found out they were worth several hundred thousands of Dollars in 2013.
Don't miss out on the next Crypto-currency boom by getting your Rimbit (RBT) today at Rimbit-UK.
It really is a chance to secure financial freedom for you and your family. DON'T kick yourself in 3 years' time when you have missed the chance.
Rimbit has already been around for 2 years and is still going strong. At Rimbit-uk we have the lowest prices you will find online.

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A Legitimate Opportunity For Stay At Home Moms And Dads
- Earn high commissions
- You can start earning money right now
- Supplement your family income or retire your spouse completely
- Full or part time business
- Work from home lifestyle around your family

For more information, please visit: 

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Investor Group Is Accepting New Associates, PT or FT
Join Our Nationwide Real Estate Investor Community

Produce Income While Learning!!!!
Everybody Willing to Succeed  is Welcome
Start Part Time or Full Time

We have trained people from all walks of life, nurses, doctors, lawyers, laborers, realtors, teachers, sales professionals, well off or totally broke, if you want to succeed, we will help you. 

Make a great living, create residual income, save on taxes, earn the first money within weeks? Do you dream of a secure future? We are here to train you how to do right and the smart way. We work within an affiliated community, and presently, are inviting new comers to join us. Make money by sharing this opportunity with others and investing into real estate. 

We are a national network of Real Estate Investors. Our growing real estate investment community has been supporting new entrepreneurs for over 8 years. We have the privilege of having top RE Investors share their experiences and teach us what we need to know. We are true to our core beliefs, and we will always be here to watch each other grow. Our job is to help you succeed! No investment funds needed, we have funding sources that trust us.

To learn more about this opportunity, please text me at (612) 470-8111 or reply to this offer with the following information: 
Full Name:             City:           Email:          Phone:
This is not a traditional job, this is a 1099 contractor offer.

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Learn The Secrets To Making Money Online.

Stop struggling to make money online and get the help you need.
Get the training you need to make money online and turn any passion into a successful marketing business.
Free to Join.
Sign-up here:
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Jewelry Direct Sales-Be Your Own Boss

I am an Independent Representative at Silpada Designs Jewelry. Silpada is a well-known direct sales company that started in 1997 and specializes in sterling silver jewelry and other accessories. The jewelry is all handcrafted. Silpada also has a lucrative direct selling opportunity available for both men and women. Make money with your own Silpada business, selling sterling silver handcrafted jewelry. You can get started for just $149, you can earn a commission of 30 percent on your personal sales, and the rewards are huge. Come join all the fun! I am available to speak to you, if you are interested in discussing this opportunity in greater detail.
Please contact me at: or you can sign up to sell Silpada at:
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$80 Per Day

The New And Easy Way For Job Or Business Opportunity To Make $80 Per Day Without A Website
Working In The Comfort Of Your Home Click To Start Today!

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Looking for Eager Individuals Wanting to Build Their Future

 Register today and get:
• Free website, support and training
• Multiple earning streams
• Automated program
• Free Internet Business Course
Go here to sign up:

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How To Make $500-$6,500 Part Time - Home Based Business

Are you looking to escape the 9 to 5?
This may or may not be suitable for you -
Earn commissions of $500 to $3,500 or more, using our simple strategy -
Once you register, we give you the complete system to go and make a full time income from home.
Visit us right now and make a start to change your future!
Please call or email.
I'd be happy to chat with you.
Julian Ph: +1 832 548 4956 After 5PM
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Get Paid to Process E-Mails

Looking for a way to earn great money online?
Make $1000’s monthly with over 600 work-at-home firms listed in our report.
These companies need survey takers, mystery shoppers and more …
Get paid to do what you love without stepping foot into an office!
For the complete report, please pay $25.00 US
We will send the information to your e-mail address.
Please e-mail for additional information.
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Get paid $250-$1000 Weekly! Easy!

I will show you how to make $250-$1000 weekly from your own home!
This is a very easy system and you can put as much or as little time into it as you want.
You're the boss.
Very simple to get started.
Payments come straight to you and instantly.

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Get $50-$300 a Day in Your Mailbox

I will show you the exact method I'm using to get paid $50-$300 daily right to my mail.
You do not need to know any internet marketing to do this.
You will be your own boss.
Very easy to do, simple to get started.
Send your name and address + $1 to cover postage to:

Elizabeth Neal
P.O. Box 988 Huffman,
TX 77336.

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Enjoy getting paid for working from the comfort of your own home. Excellent opportunity for the unemployed, stay at home mom or dad and even students can take advantage of this opportunity. For a minimal cost of $25 you will receive a complete report of 600+ Work At Home Companies! In addition you will have the ability to sell this list to others. How would you like to receive this notification in your inbox daily:
“ Congrats … You have made a sale! ”
Simply visit the following link for complete information and payment details:
(Copy & Paste in your browser if clicking does not work due to high traffic in server)
This really does work and you will get out of it as much as you are willing to put in. Good luck!
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Loose Weight and Make Money

This is a business you can work from home.
Make money and loose weight. Skinny Body Care is having great success!
Join to receive great opportunities and benefits.
Great compensation plan and tax deductions.
Get more information at: http://anna9d83.wealth/&
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Absolutely Free! Turn Your Every Day Purchases Into Cash!

I understand there are many deceptive programs out there, this is not one of them! Is this for you? Do gas at BP, Chevron or Exxon? Shop at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Sears, Kmart, Buy Buy Baby, Gap? How about Lowes or Home Depot? Eat at Subway, IHop, Applebee's or Olive Garden? This is just a few of the merchants that participate. Again Earning Opportunity is totally Free! No fees now or later, no min. spending purchasing requirements, period! I will not waste your time! Happy to chat with! Contact me at or give me a call at (715) 252-4804.
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Be your own boss and make your own hours. 

My website is

Phone number (518) 480-5475.

Email address

Please contact for more information.
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Make Money From Home

The best way to make money online
At the comfort of your home.
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Earn Extra Income

ATTENTION: If you have 5-15 hrs a week to make productive,
work at home using your computer and earn $1000/mo income with a prominent world corporation, great fringe benefits.....

Go To

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Boomer’s Dilemma
THE CHALLENGE: How to support your kids
AND your parents AND save for college and retirement?

ANSWER: Build a business while keeping your present job.
Learn to operate a mini office outlet from your computer and phone.

Free information.
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this is a health  and wellness business  
if interested check out the websit

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Free Software. Automatically Creates Money Making Websites

Free Software. 

Automatically Creates Money Making Websites Quickly.
Get FREE software today.
Use your new money-making websites to make money quickly.
No programming skills needed.
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Achieve Everything You Desire!!

Discover How You Can Make This Year The Most Successful and Productive Year
By Having A Mind set To De-clutter Your Life Once And For All.

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If I could show you a way to make serious residual income being the first to promote a universal-appeal, lifetime warranty plan that helps EVERY
HOUSEHOLD SAVE money, you’d want to know about it, right? Well, let me introduce MATRIX PROTECTION: Offering customers a FIRST-TO-MARKET LIFETIME,
FAMILY extended service plan that protects ALL household electronics, for one low fixed monthly fee!
MY WARRANTY REWARDS, the newly launched marketing arm of Matrix Protection, is the long term business opportunity with a product that consumers will
demand and keep. It will become a monthly expense. Join My Warranty Rewards Team and secure a Top Spot in the 2x12 forced matrix, with spillover and
dynamic compression. You can reserve your spot for $35 and get the wholesale price for reps for the product for $24.97.
Go to and click to watch the video. Click on “JOIN NOW” to become part of this dynamic team.
Let’s All Hit-It-Out-Of-The-Park! This kind of opportunity only comes around once in a life time!


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Escape the Rat Race

Start our own Prosperous Online Business in the Personal Development Industry NOW!
*NO cold calling
*NO stock
"If nothing changes...nothing changes"

Check it out:

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Has this happened to you.?

The challenge:

How to support your family, provide an education for your kids and save for retirement. How to get rid of those credit card bills and make more money.

The Answer:

Build a part time income around what you are doing with this simple business idea.

Call for more information

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"Are You Ready For Something That Will Change Your Life"

Go Go Go.. Prelaunch live.

But this one you can join during Prelaunch FREE.
No payment for a week or two.

You can see your Matrix Build Live!

So what do you have to lose?  

People have already jumped ahead of you
just in the time you took to read this email!

Secure your position right now at:

I wouldn't sleep on this if I were you.

Call me if you need help.

To your success,
Roberto Gittens

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New Plan, Huge Returns, World Trip, BMW-Z4
100% Legal Company with Legal Documents and Many Forex Awards Achieved Company from British Virgin Islands
Launched with Excellent paying Plan and Rewards
Minimum Investment: 100 USD
Daily Returns: upto 4%
Referral Commission: upto 15%
Binary Commission: upto 15%
Marshal Rewards:
Ipod Mini
Asia Trip
Europe Trip/Car
World Trip with BMW Z4
For Referral, mail,

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Advertise On Thousands Of Pages *F.R.EE*. - Super Simple

Super Simple - Advertise Your Website,
Affiliate Program, or Offer to THOUSANDS

Your Ad or Ads Posted To Over 11,000 Pages by
Submitting your Links to my SINGLE Links Page.
Plus... Advertise with Tons of other traffic sources.


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You will make 58K/ Yr! Apply NOW Start Today!

You will make 58K/ Yr! Apply NOW Start Today! We Will Train You! (New Orleans (read more)) 

New Company in your area hiring for Immediate Sales Openings. You will have the opportunity to make up to 58K Per Year with Our Company

 All training is provided, please reply to this posting with your name, email, and a good contact phone number, and a senior recruiter will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours

 Senior Recruiter
 Christopher Kemp

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Get 1k, 3k, and 5k Commissions

21 Step Program Shows How To Get $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000
Commissions Deposited Into Your Bank Account… Without Ever Having to Pick Up The Phone!

Get instant access to the video now at no cost:

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Make $1000's Monthly

Looking for a way to LEGITIMATELY AND ETHICALY earn great money online?
Make $1000's monthly with over 600 work-at-home firms listed in our report.
These companies need survey takers, mystery shoppers and more ...
Get paid to do what you love without stepping foot into an office!
For the complete report, please pay $25.00 (before payment increase ) via PayPal to :-, and we will send you the information to your e-mail address.
You may also send a payment via check or money order ...
Please e-mail :-, for additional information .

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